Fence Building Tips that are Often Taken for Granted

We build a fence to protect our sanctuary against strangers, animals and even other humans. Either we contact an Atlanta fencing company, or do it ourselves. We have the preconceived idea that so long as it is tall, has rails, slats, and are all of the same level, the fence will be fine. There are still some other tips to keep in mind if you want to construct best fencing company near me that is sturdy and long-lasting.

1. Dig holes- The hole in which the posts are planted is one of the things that determines the strength of the fence. The posts are typically 4″x4″x8″, and they must be placed in holes 8 feet apart. Create a 2 foot deep hole with a posthole digger.

This is the secret of a sturdy post: Dig a hole cylinder-shaped, then dig it at an angle to make it look like a round ball. The hole will act as an anchor to hold posts. This is a fact that any Atlanta fence contractor will tell you.

2. Linger Factor We don’t know how to prevent rot, even when we build the strongest fence. The top lip and bottom lip of fence posts aren’t coated. Water that falls on wood can be retained and absorbed, causing rotting. The coating will stop lingering and ruin your magnificent fence.

3. Wood and Concrete do not mix. If you consult an Atlanta fence contractor, they’ll agree that concrete and wood are incompatible. There is a solution for this problem-the black roof tar. The bottom two feet of each post can be painted with black tar to seal and bond the materials.

4. Do Not Nail Rails or Slats Together – Don’t be too eager to display your fence and nail them as quickly as possible. After everything is leveled and set, allow them to dry for at least one day. If you don’t, the walls will fall apart and require a lot of work.

5. Make sure you have three rails. Top, middle and bottom rails.

This will also help you to measure the installation of slats. When installing slats make sure they do not exceed eight inches over the top rail.